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   Heavy multi-purpose caterpillar tractor MT-T

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Tractor MT-T

   Heavy multi-purpose caterpillar tractor MT-T is intended for towing special wheel trailers, transportation of people, transportation of a cargo and the equipment in conditions of impassability of various climatic zones.

    Feature of the device of machine MT-T are a longitudinal arrangement of the engine in a forward part of the case. Cooling of the engine is carried out in two compartments of system of cooling.

    The structure of the additional equipment includes following systems: filtrations of air, screen washer, protection and the fire-prevention equipment and heating.


  Weight of the filled machine, t 25
  Carrying capacity of a body, t 12,5
  Weight of the towed wheel trailer, t 25
  Quantity of landing places  
In a cabin 5
In a body 18
  Dimensions, m  
length 8,711


height 2,720
  The sizes of a body, m  
length 4,325
width 2,920
  Engine diezel
  capacity Kw(h.p.) 520 (710)
  Transport speed, km/h 34-40
  Stock of a course on fuel, km 500
  The charge of fuel on 100 km of a way, l 260-330
  Winch, traction effort, t 25
  Length of a cable, m 100

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