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Ремонт конверсионной техники

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Продажа конверсионной техники

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Industrial Group " Batmaster " more than 10 years successfully performs works in the market of a special equipment on modernization, delivery and services (major overhaul, manufacturing and delivery of spare parts and accessories).

The main principle of work consists in the system approach at production and services, providing conformity of mission of the enterprise to satisfaction and interests of consumers.

Industrial Group " Batmaster " delivers the conversion technics equipped by modernized diesel engines, completed cylinder and pistons group of own manufacture. At our method, unlike traditional moulding, formation of a body of the piston occurs under a high pressure. It provides essential increase of mechanical properties of metal, that in aggregate with the modern complete set of piston rings and smaller factor of temperature expansion allows to reduce backlashes in interface " the piston-sleeve of the cylinder ". Small backlashes and an optimum structure of the piston provide improvement of all parameters of work of the engine from the lowered charge of oil to easy start-up of a diesel engine in frosts.

Production made by Industrial Group " Batmaster differs an unique combination of quality and reasonable price that makes it especially attractive. Reliability of the techniques which has been checked up in the most different conditions of operation, much more surpasses a level of similar offers.


In the given section you can familiarize with made works at our enterprise:

We are ready to consider any your applications.


Industrial Group " Batmaster " offers :


  • Delivery from storage BАТ-М, PZМ-2, МТ-Т, BТМ-3.
  • fff

  • Major overhaul of conversion techics.
  • Major overhaul and modernization of diesel engines of type D-12, YAMZ, YAAZ;
  • Delivery of diesel engines of type D-12, YAMZ, YAAZ;
  • Delivery of spare parts to diesel engines of type D-12, D-6, YAMZ, YAAZ;

    Name of techniques

    Price, rar

    Puteprokladchik BАТ-М

    2 510 000

    Puteprokladchik BAT-2

    3 551 000

    High-speed trench machine BТМ-3

    930 000

    High-speed trench machine PZМ-2

    669 000

    Heavy caterpillar tractor MT-T

    838 000

    Diesel engines D12А-525

    400 000

    Diesel engines V-401

    162 712

       The contact information

    Tel: +7(495) 979-00-28, +7(916) 822-00-66
    Fax: +7 (4962)67-96-16, +7(496) 262-65-65
    For correspondence:141500, the Moscow region, c. Solnechnogorsk, p.b. 12. E-mail: eng@bmz.ru

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